Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Salt Lake Pagan Pride Day Sucks

Salt Lake Pagan Pride day sucks because it has been taken over by a group of assholes who spend all their time trashing on other pagan groups and calling people names like junior high kids! Salt Lake Pagan Pride Day used to be so cool and attended by tons and tons of people. Now it is not attended by hardly anyone because of the assholes who run it. These assholes are so stupid that they think that nobody will notice that the 2008 Salt Lake Pagan pride day was "sponsored" by them! They make up fake names and "companies" like so that people will think that there are more than just a few people who support them!

Well really there are only a few people who run the Salt Lake Pagan Pride day and they all belong to a yahoo group called U-tah A-lternative S-pirituality S-ubstitute and they call themselves U-ASS-ES! Wow, way to let people know who you really are, thanks! Don't believe me? Here's a banner from 2008 from them! Why? Where they an official sponsor? NO! But the people from their little group are the ONLY ones who will sponsor the Salt Lake City Pagan Pride Day, because they have been so horrible to people and groups all around the valley! They decided not to have vendors at the Salt Lake Pagan Pride Day this year! Do you know why? Because no vendors wanted to support them!

I looked around and found some pictures to let you know how lame that the Salt Lake Pagan Pride Day has become! The main circle during the day used to have closer to 200 people in it!
Look how much that has changed!

Part of the main ritual from 2005

Here are more pictures from 2005

The main ritual circle from 2006

Here are pictures from 2006

The main ritual circle from 2007

Here are pictures from 2007

The main ritual circle from 2008

Here are pictures from 2008

See how it starts getting smaller in 2007? That is when these assholes took control and started being mean to everyone. Now in 2008 most people have heard about it and stayed far away from them. So in 2009, what will happen? Will they keep Pagan Pride for themselves and keep strangling it to death? I think that the ritual circle in 2009 will only be ten people!

Are you mad yet? I am! Pagan Pride day is supposed to be about everyone being included and everyone being nice and getting along! But that is exactly what these guys have not done! The organizers of the day they are supposed to not talk bad about anyone and yet the organizers in Salt Lake bash everyone who they don't like. They have their little club and they treat everyone else like trash. Pagan Pride is NOT suppose to be run by a little high school click and yet it is being run that way here in Salt Lake.

What can you do? You can WRITE to Dagonet Dewr the executive director of the national Pagan Prides at dagonet.dewr@gmail.com and tell him what you think of the Utah Pagan Prides being controlled by a little pagan mafia. You can stop support the U-ASS group by participating in their events like their little coffee meeting. You can get involved in other pgan groups in the valley that don't put up with abuse of power. You can say no to bullies and jerks! Oh yeah, why am I anonymus, would you really expect me to know about people who are such assholes and them let them know who I am so thatt hey can come and attack me hell no!